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Welcome to JSCards.

Welcome to JSCards, one of the leading cigarette card dealers in the UK.


I am a member of the Cartophilic Society of Great Britain.


I have a large and varied stock, including Cigarette cards, Trade, Brooke Bond, Liebig, Chocolate and Bubblegum Cards, Cigarette and Sweet packets, Silks and Inserts, both British and Overseas, full sets and odds.


To view my sets for sale please click the shop link above. I have many more sets not on the website, so please ask if you cannot find what you are looking for.


If you are interested in cards and wish to find out more about the hobby, or to join the Society dedicated to the hobby, please click on the Cartophilic Society of Great Britain website link below.

If you want odd cards and types, then please phone or email. To contact me please click the "help and advice" link above.


I also purchase collections large and small, If you have any cards for sale please contact me.


​Lastly, thank you for visiting, in order to continually improve the service I offer, any feedback is very welcome.

John Shaw


Our collections include brands from  A&BC Gum, Abdulla, Adkins, Aecht Franck, Amalgamated Press, American Tobacco Co, Anstie, Au Bon Marché, B.A.T, Barratt & Co, Beano Gum, Bells, Birchgrey, Boguslavsky Ltd, Boys Magazine, British Automatic, British Cigarette Co, Brooke Bond, Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corp, C.W.S. Printing Works, Cadet, Carreras, Cavanders, China Merchants, Chocolate La Estrella, Churchman, Cibils, Cohen Weenen & Co, Copes, Dah Tung Nan, Dominion, Edwards, Ringer & Bigg, Faulkner, Franklyn Davey, Futera, Gallaher, Geo Bassett, Hignett, Hildebrand, Hills, Hwa Tung, Imperial Tobacco Company of Canada, J.S Fry, John Brindley, John Players, Kane Products, Lambert & Butler, Leaf Donruss, Liebig, Lyons, Mitchells, Morning Foods, Murai Bros (Japan), Murray, Sons and Co, Nanyang Bros, Ogdens, Pattreiouex, Phillip Allman, Phillips, Prescott Pickup, Primrose, R J Lea, Red Heart, Reddings Tea, Rothmans, Salmon & Gluckstein, San Shing, Sandorides, Sarony, Sinclair, Smith, Sporting Profiles, Sum Muye & Co, Sweetule, Taddy & Co, Thomson, Topical Times, Topps Chewing Gum, Typhoo Tea, United Kingdom Tobacco Co, Victoria Gallery,  W.H & J Woods, Wills and World Cup Stars.

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